Hosting for small businesses that is simple.
It really doesn't get much easier.  You tell us you want a website hosted, so we host it.  We don't even ask you how many Megablops and Gigawazzits you need.  If you knew that, or cared, you wouldn't be here.  You're a small business that has a simple need and you want your little space on the Internet... we do that.
We don't charge much, but that's ok, you don't need much!  Our promise to you is to give your site exactly what it needs to run.  If it needs more than we can give it, we'll tell you - with plenty of warning so you can cross that bridge if it comes.  While you and your simple website are with us, you'll pay just CAD$10 a month.  If your site ever gets more complex, we'll help you with your move to something else as pain-free as possible when the time comes.  Until then, just sit back and relax.  We got you covered.
Most of our clients have been with us for years (its got something to do with our awesome customer service and hosting that just... well... works), but if you're new here then relax - we're pretty laid back.  If you're not happy with something in the first 3 months, just move on and you pay nothing.  That's right, we'll give you your money back with very few questions asked.  How can we do that?  Heck, its easy.  I'm not worried about people abusing the policy because nobody wants to move hosts for the fun of it.  If you aren't going to be here for years, then I'm not going to hold a few dollars hostage.  You'll be happy.  I promise.
So what now?  Like I said... simple.  Just contact us and we'll get you started.  When its time, just use the button below to pay us.  Keep paying us, we keep hosting your site.  Simple.

Don't use PayPal?  No problem.  We can also take your Visa or M/C info over the phone (Annual billing only. Money back guarantee still applies).